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"When I first heard Frank Trainor play live I was totally blown away by his presence, power and communication. He is one of the most powerful writer/singer/guitarists I have ever heard. It was amazing..." - Elliot Mazer, Legendary Record Producer - (Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, The Band)

"My business is to find songwriters that I think are capable of writing hit records.
Frank Trainor fits all those requirements. He is one of the finest writers I've ever heard in my life."  
- Bob Beckham, Legendary Publisher - Combine Music (Kris Kristofferson, Tony Joe White, Dennis Lind

"Sign me up for the fan club. A voice full of heart and A + for songwriting" 
- Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Magazine-Disclaimer Record Reviews, Nashville, Tennessee

"As a music publisher for over twenty years, it's always a joy to find writers with talent. In my own career, three songwriters come to mind as having that special magic...Myles Goodwyn (April Wine),
Bryan Adams & Frank Trainor. Frank Trainor is one of the best."
- Brian Chater, Publisher, Director, Canadian Independent Record Production Association. (CIRPA)

"Frank Trainor is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever had the personal privilege to know or hear. Regardless of your style or taste in music, should you need advice from a true craftsman then
Frank Trainor is the man. It will make you a better writer."
- Stephen Colyer, Industry Consultant, Record Producer & former Head of Promotion CBS Records UK


Third Coast Gallery Big Smoke Gallery Early Frank Gallery

THIRD COAST GALLERY features songs, stories, photos and more from Frank's music row Nashville years
via compilations,
"Frank Wisdom & The Truth" / "Maverick Solo Tunesmith" / "Dust In My Veins"  [2]  [1]

BIG SMOKE GALLERY features songs, stories, photos & more from Frank's successful Toronto years ['76-'86]
via three custom compilations,
"Level Ground" / "The Comfort Sound Sessions" / "Country Music Radio Hits"

EARLY FRANK GALLERY features Frank's earliest songs and music business success stories with photos
Don't miss "Early Sketches Churchill & Spring" [1971-1972] and "Songs From The Rock" [1973-1975]

Burning In This Blaze

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