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By Barbara MacAndrew


A new tidal wave of Maritime talent is breaking over Canada's music business. The stardom trail broken by Maritimers Anne Murray, Gene MacLellan, Catherine MacKinnon, Stompin' Tom Connors, Ken Tobias and John Allan Cameron is now being travelled by a fresh group of easterners.

Frank Trainor, Shirley Eikhard, Tom Gallant, Ryan's Fancy, The Haggart Brothers, Kenzie McNeil, Bruce Murray, and Gary Weeks are all reaping national and international radio, stage, TV and recording reputations.

Frank Trainor's first single "Thursday Morning, Five O'clock Rain" B/W "Here Comes Another Lonely Day" is selling well and showing unusual popularity on both A and B record sides. The handsome twenty-year-old has written 55 songs, four of which have been recorded by Canadian gold winners "The Mercey Brothers".

Last summer Frank Trainor completed a demanding Canadian university concert tour. The young composer-entertainer emerged a polished performer with self confidence honed in many halls amid diverse audiences. Last August in concert at the Confederation Centre as front act for Montreal superstar Gino Vanelli, Trainor delighted the capacity audience with his mix of thoughtful and bouncy ballads.



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